Fulfill My Fantasy

A woman on her way home from a hard day’s work, stopped at a bar for just one drink. As she was sitting at the bar, she noticed an exceptionally gorgeous and distinguished man enter the place alone. He sat 4 stools away, and was so striking that she could not take her eyes from him.

The young man noticed her attentive stare, picked up his drink and walked over to her. Except for the bartender, they were the only ones in the establishment.

Before she could offer any apologies, the man said to her, “I find you to be a very attractive woman and I want you to know that I will do anything, absolutely anything, that you want. I will help you live your fantasy. There are two conditions, however:
1. You must pay me $100
2. Whatever it is you want me to do, you must state in three words or less.
So – what is your fantasy?”

The tired woman carefully considered his proposition, then withdrew the $100 from her purse. She looked deeply into the handsome man’s piercing blue eyes and slowly, meaningfully, whispered, “Clean my house.”






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