Devoted to the Game

John got up early on Saturday morning to play golf. He kissed his wife goodbye, and Sue reminded him they were going out to eat early that evening with another couple. John promised her he would be home in plenty of time.

Mid-afternoon came and went, and John did not return home. Sue became angry at first. But her anger turned to worry as the sun began to set. John had never been this late before.

Finally, it was completely dark when Sue heard the back door open and close. Concerned, she ran to greet John.

“What happened?” she said. “You promised you would be home early!”

John replied, “It was awful. The four of us were on the very first tee when Bill Smith fell over dead with a heart attack.”

“Oh no!” Sue exclaimed. “That’s terrible.”

“I know,” John said. “From then on, it was hit the ball… drag Bill. Hit the ball… drag Bill.”






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