God Will Get You

Robert, age eight, was the son of strict Presbyterian parents. He was very, very good, worked hard at school, did his chores, and was generally helpful and obedient. But one morning, for some reason, he came down to breakfast in a very nasty mood. When his mother served him prunes, he snarled, “I don’t want prunes,” and he refused to eat them.

His parents were aghast, and his father said, “Robert, you know that God commanded children to honor and obey their parents, and He will punish those who do not.”

But Robert still refused and was angrily sent back to bed, and the prunes were put in the refrigerator. A few minutes later, a terrible thunderstorm came up with great roars and flashes of lightning.

Robert came back down the stairs, went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. From there, just after another flash and roar, the boy’s voice was heard saying, “Heck of a fuss to make about a few stupid prunes.”






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