Golfing in Heaven

Three golfers, Jesus, Moses and an old man, get to the 18th tee. It’s all tied. All three have the same score.

Jesus’ second shot goes into the water and lands on a rock. He walks on the water out to the ball and hits it within a foot of the hole.

Moses` second shot also goes into the water and sinks. He parts the water and then hits his ball within a foot of the hole.

The old man also hits his second shot into the water, but it lands on a water lilly. A frog comes out of the water and takes the ball. Just then a bird swoops down and grabs the frog and carries him, with the ball, right over the 18th hole where the frog drops the ball right into the cup.

Moses turns to Jesus and says, “You know, I really hate playing with your Dad.”

(Thanks, Ron Stegner).






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