Smart Pills

A blonde signs up for research project testing “smart” pills. 

Amazingly, the pills work and the blonde becomes smarter. So she dyes her hair and becomes a brunette.

One day, she is out driving in the country and spots a farmer in his field with his sheep. She decides to test out her new-found smartness, so she stops and walks up to the farmer. She says, “If I can correctly guess how many sheep you have in your field, can I have one of them?”

The farmer, thinking it was a safe bet, says, “Sure.”

She says, “578.”

The farmer says, “Wow, that is correct. I guess you can pick out your sheep.”

So, the blonde picks out a sheep and puts it in the trunk of her car.

But before she call pull away, the farmer says, “Wait. If I can guess your original hair color, can I have my dog back?”.






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