Telegraph Poles

Back in the old west, there was a need to connect the east and the west with a telegraph line.

The Manager of the project advertised for workers to complete the job. Three groups responded. A group of Chinese, a group of Italians, and a group of Blondes. Since none of the groups would work with anyone from the other two groups, the manager decided to assign each group to a different part of the line.

The first task was to stand the telegraph poles. The Manager sent each group out to a different location. Before they left, he advised all three groups that the one to bury the most poles today, would receive a bonus.

At the end of the day, the foreman of the Italians reported back to the Manager. The Manager inquired of him how many poles had been set by his group. He replied 48. The manager was very pleased. He advised the Italian to stay awhile until he heard how the Chinese and the Blondes did.

Next to report was the foreman of the Chinese group. When asked, he reported that they had set 53 poles that day. Again the manager was delighted. He dismissed the Italian foreman and asked the Chinese leader to remain until the Blondes checked in.

A little while later the Blonde forewoman reported to the Manager.

“How many poles did your group set?” He asked.

“Two.” Replied the Blonde forewoman.

“Two!” Exclaimed the Manager. “The Italians set 48 poles, and the Chinese set 53. How could you Blondes have only set two poles?” He demanded.

“It may be true the Italians and Chinese buried more poles than us.” Replied the Blonde. “But you should see how much of the poles they left sticking out of the ground!”






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