The Final Exam

Please feel free to substitute the name of your most hated college rival

A University of Alabama student named Ed had been trying to graduate for 20 years. He finally went to the dean and said there must be some way he could graduate. The dean agreed and said he would ask him one question at the end of the week. If Ed got it right, he could graduate.

Everyone at the school as well as lots of alumni knew Ed, and word got out about the one-question exam. Since everyone wanted to see Ed graduate, the school decided to ask him the question at Bryant-Denny Stadium. That Friday, the stadium was full as Ed and the dean walked to the center of the field.

The dean said: “Here is the question: What is 2+2?”

Ed began to fidget and sweat. He finally said, “Four?”

Everyone in the stadium rose to their feet and yelled, “Give him another chance!”






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