The Good Book

A church pastor was walking along when he spotted a member of his church. “John” he said, “you look miserable! What has happened to you?”

John proceeded to tell him of all his tribulations. His business had gone under, his car was broken down and he was completely broke.

The pastor put his arm around the man and proceeded to console him. “The Lord will take care of you my son. I want you to go home and take out your Bible and open it up and put your finger down on the first page you come to and that will be the Lord’s answer to you.”

Several weeks later, the pastor saw John again. This time he was smiling, walking confidently, and wearing a brand new suit. “John, you look much better than the last time I saw you.”

“I am much better thank you. I have a brand new car, new clothes, and I am doing fine financially. I owe it all to you and your advice.”

The preacher then asked, “I am just dying to know what advice you received from the Bible.”

“Well, I did just what you said. I went home opened my Bible put my finger down, and there was my answer: ‘Chapter 11.’”.






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