The Religious Horse

A man bought a horse from a farmer.

“This is an unusual horse, the farmer said. “He’s very religious. You say ‘Hallelujah’ to make him go and “Amen” to him stop”.

The man thanked the farmer, and got on the horse. “Hallelujah,” he said and rode off.

After he had been riding a while, the man decided he wanted to go faster. “Hallelujah!” he said and the horse sped up into a trot. Then the man said “Hallelujah” again, and the horse broke into a gallop. One more “Hallelujah,” and the horse was running like the wind.

Suddenly, the man realized they were approaching a cliff, and he could not remember how to stop the horse. So he prayed, “Dear God, please help me remember how to stop this horse, and I will be your servant forever. Amen.”

The horse stopped right on the edge of the cliff. A clod of dirt was pushed over the side and fell over a hundred feet to the ground below.

The man, realizing how close he came to death, sat up high in the saddle, waved his hat over his head, and yelled, “Hallelujah!”






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