V.I.P Pope

One day, while on a tour of America, the Pope’s chauffeured limousine pulled off the interstate and onto back roads so the Pontiff could get a better look at the U.S.A.

Eventually, the Pope became bored and tired of the long journey. He leaned forward in his seat and tapped on the glass separating him from his driver. His chauffeur lowered the glass and the Pope asked him for a small favor – to let him drive the limousine for a while, as he had not driven since he was a very young priest.

The driver at first argued, but then gave in. He reluctantly pulled the vehicle over to the side of the road and got out and swapped places with the Pope.

The Pope started the engine, revved it a few times and then sped down the highway at a breakneck speed. He soon passed a billboard concealing a police car, which pulled out and turned its lights and siren on. The Pope pulled over to the side of the road, and the police car pulled in behind the limo.

A police officer stepped out of his vehicle and walked up to the limousine. He tapped on the driver’s window. As the electric window slid down silently, the officer peered in and almost jumped out of his skin. He ran back to his car and called the police chief on his two-way radio.

“What is it, Johnson?” crackled the voice over the radio.

“Sir, I’ve just pulled someone over for speeding, and well, it’s a very important person. After the last incident, you told me to call you the next time I pulled over a V.I.P.”

“It’s not the mayor again is it?”

“No, more important than that!”

“Hmm…” The chief paused. “It’s not the district commissioner is it?”

“No, much more important than that!” replied the officer.

“It’s… It’s not the governor or the president, is it?!”

“No, more important than that!!”

“Darn it, Johnson, who is it?!”

“Actually sir, to tell you the truth, I don’t know. But he must be important because the Pope is his chauffeur!”






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