Yankee Hunters

Two duck hunters from up north arrived in the bayou country of Louisiana, ready to bag the limit. But they became confused by the directions they were given. Finally, they discovered the duck blind they were looking for was across a fair-sized pond. The sun was about to come up, and they didn’t have a boat.

Just then, an old man with a shotgun slung over his shoulder wandered by with his dog. He looked like he was from the area, so the two northerners asked him if he had a boat, or if there was a shortcut around the pond.

“Well shoot,” he said. You don’t need no boat. That there water is shallow enough to wade across… specially since you two have those fancy waders on.”

They questioned him closely, because the water didn’t look that shallow. But he reassured them, and they began to wade into the dark, cold water. They tentatively took one step. then two and then a third. Everything going well, they began striding in earnest — only to disappear completely into water that was at least ten feet deep.

As you can imagine, the two furious would-be hunters burst out of the cold water. They struggled to the shore and begin to lash out at the man. “What’s the matter with you? Why in the world did you tell us the water was shallow enough to wade across?”

The old man just made a clucking sound, shook his head and looked puzzled. “I really don’t understand it.” Holding his thumb and forefinger about two inches apart, he continued, “not more then 10 minutes ago, a duck with legs no longer than that waded right across it.”






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